We invite SD independent car dealers to become a SDIADA member. For your $250 membership, you receive over $5,000 in benefits. Some of the many benefits include

  • 10% Discount off your Auto Owners Commercial Insurance
  • FREE VIP Card (Worth over $2,500)
  • SDIADA Membership Plaque
  • NIADA Membership and NIADA "Used Car Dealer" Magazine
  • SDIADA gives you and Effective Voice on Legislative & Regulatory Issues. Accomplishments include:
    • Common Sense to Blue Plate Law.
    • Passed law allowing sale of Vehicle without Title.
    • Dealer to Dealer Re-Assignment of titles.
    • Passed Legislation to provide for dealer consignment sales.
    • Limited dealer bond increase to $25,000 rather than $75,000
    • Transferable Commercial Dealer 88 Plates for Transporting Inventory Replacement.
    • Raised damage disclosure to $5,000 for vehicles that are 6 model years or newer.
    • Stopped efford to allow sale of salvage vehicles without a salvage title.
  • SDIADA is governed by seven elected South Dakota dealers.
  • SDIADA has over 150 dealer members
  • SDIADA Keeps Dealers Informed
  • Members receive "Used Car News" twice a month
  • SDIADA has Strong Dealer Service Programs: SDIADA's forms program is the best. Dealers benefit from SDIADA's Preferred Provider DMS software programs, credit life & warranty programs.
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